Web Color Picker

gColorPicker is a Web Color Picker for your Xojo Web applications.
It is fully responsive, resolution independent and self-adjusting.

gColorPicker is build on a pure javascript & css solution, no external library or image needed.

gColorPicker is compatible with all major modern browsers.


  • fully reponsive
  • customize layout by adding an Alpha (transparency) selection, and/or a sample of the selected color
  • customize background color
  • activate read-only mode
  • get or set color using Xojo colors
  • provides hexx and rgb/rgba HTML strings

See our live demo (Web control)

Versions & Pricing

  • Encrypted version or sources available
  • All versions come with free updates
  • Rem: This is for WEB Xojo applications only

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gColorPicker is release under license, © 2018, Gate61
Xojo ® of Xojo Inc.