Nice & Clean Animated Gauges

gGauges are Xojo Custom Controls (Web and Desktop) for generating and animating nice & clean gauges.
Gauges are fully responsive, resolution independent and self-adjusting.

WARNING: gGauge WEB supports only Xojo versions up to 2019r3.2 (WEB 1.0 framework)


  • half or donut shape
  • customize gauge colors and background
  • customize value decimals, symbol and formatting
  • use default 3 segments or create your own segments
  • customize min/max values and labels
  • customize title and label font and color
  • customize gauge animation type and speed
  • customize pointer shape and color

See our live demo (Web control)

Versions & Pricing

  • Encrypted version or sources available
  • All versions come with free updates
  • Rem: Web & Desktop are 2 different controls

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gGauge is based on justGage

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gGauge is release under license, © 2018, Gate61
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