Web Notifications

gNotify is a powerful and flexible tools to display Notifications in your Xojo Web applications.
Elegant, responsive, flexible notifications.

Lightweight, pure javascript and CSS, NO dependencies.

gNotify is compatible with all major modern browsers.


  • Use one of 5 pre-defined styles (info, success, warning, error, question) or create your own style at runtime
  • Define Title & Message Texts, Color and Size
  • Set Notification timeout, display Progress Bar
  • Use pre-defined icons or Font Awesome or Google Material Icons
  • Overlay support
  • Righ-to-left (RTL) support

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Versions & Pricing

  • Encrypted version or sources available
  • All versions come with free updates
  • Rem: This is for WEB Xojo applications only

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gNotify is release under license, © 2018, Gate61
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